A Hot Day in August Prayer

Some times these titles to a prayer entry can be difficult to come by.  So it’s a hot day in August and here we go.

Father, I thank you for the wonderful family time we had yesterday.  For the rest and relaxation, for peace, contentment, and also some time at home.  Thank you for the joy you have given us in our quest to feed our bodies nourishment and for the continual cuisine that you have provided.  We take this for granted father.  I know we do.  So many in this world do not have the same opportunity.  So thank you for these blessings of the plentiful food we have, the nice roof over our heads, jobs to help support us, and friends and family to surround us.

It is hot during these last few days of summer.  We know that the changes ahead are forth coming but it seems these days of heat seem to drag on.  With that come the doldrums at times.  Impatience, moodiness, lethargy, muddled up to do lists, and a lack of desire to do hardly anything.  Help us to press on with purpose and meaning, and give us back our drive father to do the things that we need to do.

Prayers for things relating to job, family, health.  And the same for our friends.   Lead us and guide us to what we need to do, where we need to be, what you want us to see.

Forgive us of all our many sins and be with us always.

In Jesus Name,





Prayer on Leap Day

Wow, I hardly ever remember a leap day.  It always seems to be happening in some other year!  But Dear Father, be with us on this Leap Day.  I thank you for giving us the blessings you have given, and for the rest you have provided.

I pray that you will guard and protect and guide and direct.  Thank you for your word to lead us and for the avenue of prayer that we might communicate to you.

I want to be closer to you, Father, and commune with you daily and that way I will know your direction for my life.

Please be with us as we prepare the final touches for Katy’s wedding.  Help all to go smoothly and we pray for a beautiful day.  Help it to all come together for a special day for all!  Be with Katy and Cody on their journey of marriage and bless them.   Be with them on their actual journeys to  honeymoon and back and thereafter.

Please calm us as the days approach.  Forgive us of our sins, protect us from evil.

IN Jesus Name Amen.

Prayer Request for Healing

I don’t know what to pray right now but I need healing!  I’m thankful for all the good things around me and any little good thing that comes my way during the day – whether it is driving down the road and I see the fall leaves, or someone that smiles, or talks to me during the day, or little things that go my way.  I love this time of year.  I wish I could enjoy it more and feel life running through my veins, but I have this issue that seems like it’s taking forever to resolve healthwise.  My entire year it seems has been a bad health year.  I just want the cycle to stop and I pray for healing.  Lord please give it.

It seems you used to answer my prayers before.  I feel like you don’t want to answer them anymore.  I know that you supposedly do for our good.  But I want to live and feel good and be able to handle my responsibilities.  I want to do what you want me to do, just lead me, and guide me there.

Prayers for all the wedding planning we are doing.  Bless the plans and bless the lives of my daughter and her fiance.  Help us all to be healthy as we plan and conquer the wonderful wedding day next year.

Prayers father for friends that have lost jobs and are also having health issues, or who have lost family members, and some have lost pets (their best friend).  Life is not easy father as we face the challenges of this ever changing and downward spiraling world.  Give us strength and courage and lead us.

So many areas of my life need your touch Lord.  You know what those are and I pray that you work your wonders not only in my health but in each of those situations.

In Jesus name,


Insecurity Study: Chapter 6 – 11

Well, I’ve covered these chapters in two different study Sunday’s.  And I suppose I am learning some from it.  Or at least reminded some from it.  I guess we spend so much time inside our own heads that it is unlikely we consider what may be going on in someone elses.  However, it is true that EVERYONE has insecurities.  We knew that already but, we still think somehow that our own securities our ours to own and no one else can relate.  Being reminded that most of us are in the same boat against the same waves, is a little refreshing I guess, if you want to look at that way.

A Cocktail of Ego and Culture – Culture, ego and pride do not do us any favors.  We constantly compare ourselves against others.  Against other women, against other women in our mens lives, against other coworkers that are successful, when we don’t feel special, we don’t get the promotion or raise, we don’t get the job, we don’t win the argument, or name that tune that sings the song of whatever is hurting your pride.  These things all make us insecure if we let it. We negative talk ourselves down even when we do not know it.

Don’t let it fool you – Insecurity will make a fool out of you.  (Geez, I love food so much that everytime I try to type the word fool, “food” comes out instead.  lol)

This chapter is one that helps you to understand that when we let our insecurity get in the way, the way we act/react can often make us feel and look stupid – lol.  Everyone has a story.  I have a few of my own.  Ones that make you shake your head and go hmmmmm.  But the good news is – insecurity and reacting – does this to everyone else too.  The book really helps you see that others are in the same boat and that basically we ARE ALL just human and not deity and so we all have insecurities and we usually all deal with them poorly.

Insecurity robs us of so many things in life – sleep, confidence, derails us from our relationships and including our relationship with God.  He wants us to be secure and we can be secure through Him.  I don’t know what I would do if I did not have Him to run to.  I get derailed all the time – much having to do with insecurities of the way life treats you.  I seek nearly everything on earth to calm my spirit except to run to Him first.  Often it’s in my times of destress when I finally realize I’ve tried to handle it every other way but to take it to God to handle.

A beautiful prize called dignity.  Getting our dignity back – lol. The devil would love to just see us covered up in insecurity and everything else but self dignity.  At that point we feel powerless to move forward. It distracts us and we have to break the cycle.  We have to learn what triggers us into  insecurity.  It doesn’t take much.  Sometimes only a second.  Meeting a mate’s gorgeous coworker.  Realizing the new person on the job has a degree in your field too.  Seeing the boss go golfing with the rest of the team and you weren’t invited.  Your emails don’t ever get answered.  Your friends go to lunch without you.  Your mate is a little late coming home from work.  People stop reading your blog.  Was it something I said?   No one is speaking to you?  Is there something about me people don’t like?   Reading on Facebook, “were they talking about me?”  Someone is whispering in the corner, someone you know has criticized others to you, and you wonder what it is they are saying about you now.  Yeah, insecurity is a part of our world – every day, every where, nearly every moment.

In this chapter though we learn that God uses truth to set you free.  And in the form of scripture is one way he can do this.  We can be clothed with “strength and dignity” like the Woman of Proverbs, the “virtuous woman” and the “woman of noble character”, “her value beyond rubies”.  Beth says that part of any woman’s healing is “reclaiming her God given dignity” and that God’s word is never beyond our reach.  We have to trust God and be transparent with God about our insecurities.  And recognizing the triggers and making up your mind “not to go there” and speaking to God about it – and reading upon His word and truth and guidance, will give us the clothing of dignity we need so that we do not bare our “emotional nakedness” as Beth mentions.  God gives us the STRENGTH and the DIGNITY.  Pride is the opposite of dignity.  He crowns us with Dignity and to posess it is to be worthy of respect.  He crowns us with it on our foreheads – right where we need it the most.  No pride – but dignity.

A Time and a Place to Heal – It’s God’s will that we be restored to our our security.  The confidence in approaching our God is that if we ask anything in His will, he will hear us.  We at least need to know that he wants us to be healed of our insecurities, we simply need to ask.

Neither God nor Devils – Well this was all about women and men.  Beth showed us how men have many of the same insecurities and most have to do with fear of failure or losing their mate or someone they love – not measuring up to what is expected of them by their mate or by other men in society.  I think this surprises women that men have insecurities.  It is not like them to show it.  Men feel like they have to earn their manhood, while women just brace womanhood.  Our men are not Gods to be worshipped and are not perfect as if a deity.  We expect so much from our men because we expect them to be strong and loyal and faithful and kind and loving and meet our every need and emotion.  We have a lot of high expectations for our men.  But of those that have been disappointed by men- they are not devils either.  They have insecurities as well.

Eating from the wrong tree.  Instead of embracing life, we want the knowledge tree!  We want to know “why” and “what” and “how come” and all the details but then when we know it – then what?  We need to trust that God will let us know what we need to know and when we need to know it.  I think that is one of the most profound lessons I have learned in this book – that right there and knowing what the triggers are that lead you into insecurity in the first place.  We need to eat the tree of Life, trust God, and ignore the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that puts into knowing the Good and Evil – the things that God knows.  It’s not always good to know the Good and Evil info that falls off of that tree.

I’m enjoying the study.  I have about two more study Sunday’s to go and then I’ll be through with the book.

Insecurity Study: Chapter 2 thru Chapter 5

Some recent events in my life, made me pay special attention to the Beth Moore, “So Long, Insecurity” that was staring at me from the bookshelf sitting beside my tiny desk in our den.  I mainly read through the beginnings of the introduction and first Chapter last week.  Today I read it like a sponge soaking up water to see what Beth has to say about the subject and to see if any of it applied to me.  Perhaps so, perhaps not.  One things is for sure, we do all have insecurity, and that never helps any situation.  I’m not sure that is the main thrust of my hurts/disappointments but perhaps.  Anyway, regardless, it is always nice to learn or REVISIT some things you already knew.

Things I’m learning or thinking about from Chapter 2 thru Chapter 5 and some of my thoughts regarding it:

  •  Believers in Christ are enormously gifted people.  God has something planned for me that began long before I was born.  (If I’m gifted, what is my gift, how can I use it? I’m ready to use it, I think!)
  • The “enemy of our soul” has a lot to gain by trying to make us insecure and we should not give him the victory.  (Amen)
  • Beth defined insecurity as “a profound sense of self doubt – a deep feeling of uncertainty about our basic worth and our place in the world.  Insecurity is associated with chronic self-consciousness, along with a chronic lack of confidence in ourselves and anxiety about our relationships.  The insecure man or woman lives in constant fear of rejectoin and a deep uncertaintly aout whether his or her own feelings and desires are legitmate.”  (I have always been very confident in my relationships and in my working career.  God has allowed me to go through some hurtful things in both areas, giving me doubts at times on many fronts.  The fall is hard and the lessons are learned, but later I know I am a refined person for having to go through it. But it is very painful at the time.)
  • A person with insecurities can be harboring unrealistic expectations about love and relationships.  (I’m going to add – about work, about life, about anything). And this means that disappointment and failure is inevitable.
  • If we let too much ride on a relationship or a career or anything – a blowout is enevitable.
  • Insecurity robs of us reaching our maximum potential and turns people into threats and traps us.
  • Injured souls can conjure up the insecurities. (Yes, I agree that seems to be where it starts).
  • We need to quit giving power to others that only God should have over us.
  • Feelings of insecurity can also come from a perceived threat.  But much of what we fear never really happens.
  • Feeling God doesn’t like you on top of the insecurity is an added issue.
  • Even when we fear how we would handle a situation or how a situation will handle us, God tells us he will help us speak and will teach us what to say.  (God told Moses what to say and even provided a spokesperson for him.)
  • Insecurity tries to make us fear an upcoming loss.  That someone or something will be taken from us.
  • God loved Paul and other people in the Bible we read about, despite themselves!
  • “Each heart bears its own bitterness” Prov 14:10.  The more intense the pain the more it feels like nobody understands.  But God does, even better than we do.
  • Recognition is always the first step to healing.
  • Every adult still needs to be loved like a child.
  • Wondering about the perceptions of others can play havoc with your soul.
  • Sometimes we can perceive ourselves we have been rejected when we really have not.  Our insecurities can make us believe this.
  • Time does not heal.  God does.  Only Time reveals that it has.
  • Insecurity and feelings of rejection can muster up some temporary insanity.
  • We are not rejected by God.  “I have chosen you and have not rejected you.  So do not fear for I am with you.  Do not be dismayed for I am your God.”
  • Change can stir up our insecurites.  But God uses change to change us.
  • In today’s UGLY world we should not give up b/c there is purpose, there is order, because there is God.
  • God knows it is scary to be us.  HE KNOWS.   And one day he will wipe away every tear.

It’s been a good lesson and I am using it to let go of some things.  I think the book is helping.  I will ponder these things and remember them.

Lord, help us with our insecurities and fears and what we can do if we were not afraid and just let you lead.  I’m sorry for my lack of faith at times.  Oh if I could only see your face and touch your hands and have you hold mine in yours, you would be more real to me.  But I know you are hear.  You touch my life every day – and when I’m down I realize it even more powerfully.  Sometimes it is in the gray days that we see you the most.  Take care of us, see us through, help us to find our purpose for you.  Give us contentment and peace.  Forgive of sins.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Starting a new book for my devo time!

Ok so I’m starting a new book.  One I’ve had for a while.  It’s a Beth Moore book, called “So Long Insecurity”.  I have had the book for a while.  But this time I’m going to read it as a part of my devo time.  I am really thinking that I need it now.  Why did I not think I needed it before?

When people are unkind to me or treat me badly it makes me look inward.  Was it something I’ve done?  Was it something I didn’t do?  This begins to shake the ground I walk on.  It begins to make me feel my world is insecure.  Women need to feel secure in their world.  They need to know and understand their sense of belonging and they will do whatever it is to protect their world or to figure out what is not working right in their world.  Don’t you know this to be true?

Recently I’ve let a stack of incidents really come to bother me.  So much so that it is shaking my otherwise “once secure world”.  I’m letting it effect me way more than I should but I don’t feel secure and so I WILL do what it takes to make sure I feel secure and set in my world.

I’m old enough to know that things change and that I can change my own world if I want to, but there are some insecurites in that too.

“What can you do when you are not afraid?”  I’ve asked myself those questions many times in my life.  I could do a whole lot more if I were not afraid.  Why ARE we afraid anyway?  And if we say God is in Control then why the fear and the anxiety?

I’m not sure.  I suppose I’m not completely “letting go and letting God”.  I’m to the point where I’m questionning if my faith is just not strong enough b/c I should be able to be content in this world and just let it be and let it go.  I’m not doing that for some reason.  I might for a day and then I’m back at it.  So this book is calling out to me.  I’ve got to do one of several things.

*Trust God to take care of it and me!”

*Make some changes of my own.

*Or just learn to live with the fear

The first one sounds like the one I need to go on but at what point do you say send me a sign?  And you get what you think is a sign but you are not sure?  Or maybe I should ask the Lord to just slap it obvious in my face?  Maybe I should pray more specifically.

Well, here we go.

A quote from Beth’s book says “We can sit around like victims, talk about how unfair all the gender pressure is, and grow less secure by the second, or we can choose to become well equipped and get out there and do some real living.”

So I think this is going to be good.  And good for me.  And then in turn good for everyone else in my life.

Women struggle with their world, with their place.  We want to be accepted, loved, liked, and be a significant part of our world.  When things go wrong, change, or differ from our expectations it can throw us for a wild ride.

The fact is, I really do like change.  I just seem to fear it.  I just really Thank God above for the fact that He IS in my life.  At least I know He is there.  And if anyone has moved away, it’s been me.  He may allow these changes to keep me coming to Him.  And oh I do.  Because I’m way to scared and insecure to face my world alone.

I have read the first chapter and this book looks pretty good.  I hope it can strengthen me in some way.

Today’s Prayer 02 21 15

Dear Father:

Thank you for all of our blessings, for family, health, happiness, and all that we need.  Thank you for being the God that you are and for blessing us.

Today I’m specifically thankful for:

  • A day off
  • Having time to read
  • Time to create
  • Time to work on some things I needed to work on
  • Some quiet time

Today I am petitioning for:

  • Feeling of peace and contentment
  • God’s leading
  • Less stressful life

I pray for forgiveness of my sins:

  • For yelling back at someone (even though one could argue it was needed)
  • For not letting the stress roll off
  • For not believing that God will take care of things

I pray for forgiveness of others:

  • I pray for those that I would consider my enemies
  • I pray for those that have been so ugly to me and that they will see and understand how their actions/words hurt others and they will learn that people are important themselves- not just what they do.

Please do not lead us into temptation and deliver us from the evil one who seeks to destroy!

In Jesus Name,